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Area51 IPTV streaming services: it’s unlimited access to VOD and international channels via internet
Sport, cinema, series, entertainment, youth, discovery. Look no further, we have gathered all the programs you love!

Area51 IPTV subscriptions are unbeatable, stable, easy to install on different types of devices.
Our services are available all over the world provided you have an internet connection, so you no longer need a satellite receiver or TNT.

Our services are compatible with smarts TV and android Boxes

SS IPTV, Smart TV we will bring you the necessary support to remote for the configuration of the iptv on your smart tv (Samsung or LG). We will also take care of the upload of your M3U playlist.
The installation on android boxes is simple via the application IPTV SMARTERS or KODI.

Find on our Streaming IPTV subscription the latest movies and series

24/7, and without leaving your home, enjoy a catalog of more than 15,000 videos on our streaming server: recent movies, series, manga, cartoons, documentaries …
The most popular series are available at no additional cost:
Area51 IPTV offers a panorama of programs from your TV, PC / Mac, tablet, smartphones and TV key. A cheap IPTV subscription to fully enjoy TV entertainment on all connected devices.

Test Area51 IPTV for 48 Hours for Free

Enjoy a 48h test to test the power and stability of our servers and the quality of channels offered on our iptv offer. This test aims to see if the service is adapted to your connection and device before committing to a subscription of greater duration.

Why choose our boxes and our IPTV streaming subscription?


Our IPTV service is compatible with MAG, Android, iOS, XBMC / KODI, Enigma, PC, Smart TV and more …


Our powerful and powerful servers to guarantee maximum stability without breaks and without freezes.

Quick zapping

Incredible zapping time, about 0.5 seconds!

Technical Assitance

24/7 support. Installation and accompaniment assistance when activating IPTV. We also answer your requests and complaints.

Area51 IPTV is a service and itpv subscriptions easy to install
Our iptv service works on smart tv and all Android and iOS devices as well as on Mags and PCs. Our support accompanies you if you have problems activating your iptv subscription.
Area51 IPTV offers you a 24hr test before any premium subscription purchase to test and explore our packages of channels and movies, series, and manga available on our VOD.
If you are sick of iptv cutting all the time opt for Area51 IPTV and you will be 100% satisfied. Iptv subscription.

Good to know about IPTV:

IPTV is a technology that allows you to watch TV via internet using simple equipment such as smart TV or TV boxes (X96 mini, Mag254 …).
The IPTV service is also available via PC playback (VLC) and game consoles.
On our site your iptv subscription will follow you everywhere because it is accessible by your smartphone (android / IOS) and tablet, this is ideal for holidays. The playlist of our IPTV is diversified to meet customer demand (Sport, Cinema, Music …)

How Works Area51 IPTV:

  • With a very good Unlimited Internet Connection.
  • Speed: For the quality of SD the recommended minimum is 25 Mbps, for the HD quality the minimum is 30 Mbps and more than 40 Mbps and more for the channels in FULL HD.
  • What does an IPTV Subscription Work with? There are several Samsung and LG Brand Smart TV opportunities and you need to download an App, we recommend Recent, Reliable and Convenient Apps such as Smart emu Pro or Smart STB. The Smart IPTV App is an outdated App, yes the only attractive thing what is its price of 5.49 €. Also on Android Receivers such as Mag, Formulate, Kodi, and others, on TV Call, Ipad with GSE Smart app, PC with VLC Player (free software), Smarphone with (VLC IPTV).
  • When you order: You must know the configuration of your device, we do not CONFIGURONS device not bought from us. And since there are many different models and each one’s specific configuration we can not all know them. To help you find the Configuration of your Android will see examples of your model on YouTube will help you a lot.
  • We work with Servers based in Europe and each Subscription to its own separate Server.
  • We GUARANTEE you that if a Server should have a problem you will not stay without TV plus 1 hour, otherwise we will transfer you on another server the time of the good functioning of yours.
  • You have at your disposal a SUPPORT 24 / 24H for a problem concerning a subscription or a device that we sold. This service is NOT a SUPPORT for your APPLICATIONS or YOUR DEVICES. For a quick service with the SUPPORT please indicate your NAME, which SUBSCRIPTION you have and which device you have with the Mac number if necessary. And a brief description of your problem. We will advise you if we have an answer to your problem.
  • Our other subscriptions are all in FULL HD, HD and SD. With a huge choice in VOD and SERIES. A great Choice of VOD in 4K.
  • For our deliveries we send everything by post, and you receive a tracking number of your order from delivery to the Post. You can track your order on it takes between 24H and 48H to receive your order in Belgium, for Luxembourg and France it is necessary to envisage minimum 3 to 4 working days.