EPIC IPTV the best Premium TV Content

Epic IPTV is the result of many years of experience in the field of IPTV, since the CCCAM, we have acquired a set of skills in the maintenance and securing of our streaming servers to provide our customers the best service in the iptv and video on demand market, we have several Loadbalancing servers to keep stability and fluidity when watching channels during major matches or events which has a great influence on the bandwidth , our IPTV subscription is compatible with all the most popular devices and devices such as: Android TV, iOS, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG, Sony, Windows, MAG2xx, 3xx … etc


IPTV France, IPTV Belgium, IPTV Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Albania, Exyu Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Arab, Latino, Turkey, USA, Canada, Russia, Africa, India, Pakistan ..

OUR VODS (included in the Epic IPTV subscription):

Films: A large library of categorized films (American and international films: action, science fiction, drama, comedy, documentaries, manga, anime, children, Arabs, Indians …)

Series: more than 500 TV series included with our IPTV subscription, with recent updates of recent episodes (American, European, Turkish, Arab series … etc)

The Epic IPTV subscription includes:

+5000 Chains from around the world. +7000 Vods up to date. +400 Series. Android App.

100% Android compatible IPTV subscription through the Epic IPTV app, IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV and other applications that support the Xtream Codes API.

MAG Comptabile

Our IPTV server is compatible with all MAG 25x, 3xx, 4xx, Formulate Z and STB emu boxes

Smart IPTV

Our IPTV subscription works with the Smart IPTV app (Smart TVs LG, Samsung, Android ..), m3u_plus with epg and logos included and channels organized by group

Apple TV

Our application Epic IPTV dedicated to Apple TV, the application is available on Apple store, easy access with login and password, IPTV subscription compatible with iOS frace to IPTV Smarters or GSE Smart IPTV.

Why choose Epic IPTV?

  • We have several years of experience in the field of IPTV
  • We choose our servers with care, a wide bandwidth and several load balancing servers to ensure total fluidity.
  • A very large playlist to meet all needs (Channels and Vods)
  • Affordable price for all budgets
  • Technical support 7/7
  • Compatibility with all popular media and devices.

IPTV has become indispensable for many people due to the very high cost that the TV operators offer, that’s why we thought about this person and we bet on the quality of our IPTV Subscription using high-end servers. the most powerful range on the market without having to increase the price of the IPTV subscription.

Our IPTV Subscription Plan meets the needs of all our customers regardless of their nationality, thanks to our international IPTV bundles with a playlist of more than 5000 live channels from around the world and a library of video-on-demand full of movies and TV shows in Full HD and multilingual, in addition to that our subscription is compatible with all devices thanks to Xtream-Codes so that you can use your subscription on Android with username and password or m3u playlist or on your Smart TV Samsung and LG with the Smart IPTV or SSiptv application or on your MAG box and also on your iOS or Android smartphone or Apple TV

Epic IPTV IPTV Subscription Features

  • Our iptv subscription is compatible with: Smart TVs Samsung & LG (Smart IPTV, SSiptv, IPTV Smarters player), Smart TV Sony Android, Apple TV .., MAG boxes, PC / MAC, smartphones and Android TV Box ..
  • A playlist of 5,000+ international channels & unlimited on-demand videos (Movies, series, documentaries, children, anime, sports … etc) in HD and Full HD and 4K movies.
  • IPTV channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Albania, Russian Arab,  Latino, Turkey, USA, Canada, Africa, India, Pakistan, Ex yu, Serbia.
  • Video on demand: +500 TV series and 7000films in multilingual FHD
  • EPG and Logos included in our subscription IPTV
  • Servers IPTV stable, high availability no breaks (load balancing) premium IPTV subscription PREMIUM.
  • Best price and customer support 7/7
  • New!!! Our iptv subscription works on the LG Smart TV and SMARTERS Player IPTV application.

How it works ?

Android / Android TV:

Download and install the IPTV Smarters PRO or Epic IPTV app on your Android Box or Smartphone from the Playstore or manual installation of Android APK.
Use your access codes sent by email when activating your subscription in our IPTV server.

iOS / Apple TV:

Download and install the IPTV Smarters PRO or GSE Smart IPTV app on your Apple TV or iPhone / iPad from the App store. Use your access codes sent by email when activating your subscription in our IPTV server.

Smart TV Samsung and LG: available applications.

Smart IPTV is the most popular application for Smart TV Webos and Tizen, you can install it from LG and Samsung Store.
SSIPTV: this application allows you to play your m3u playlist on your Smart TV, you can add the m3u with the playlist tool SS IPTV
Smart STB: this application has an interface very close to that of MAG, it is very fluid and powerful but it works without m3u, activation similar to the MAG box (Activation MAC address + portal URL)

M3u playlist URL:

The m3u playlist link is a link (URL) that generates a m3u file that contains the entire playlist of channels and Vods.

There are two types of m3u, a single m3u and a m3u_plus, the m3u_plus is a file that contains more options, such as groups and categories, EPG data, Channel Logos, jacket ids for movies..etc