Epicstream IPTV

Epicstream IPTV is a service where you can watch the TV channels and VOD content from many countries. The TV content available on Epicstream IPTV consists of around 6500 channels, spread across various countries. This includes news channels, film channels, sports channels, children’s channels and others. The quality is mostly HD and 4K. If you want more information about usage, which countries / channels or if you have other questions, Contact US.

Why choose Epicstream IPTV:

You are directly connected to our own hosting server. This results in a buffer-free connection and thus enjoying hours of watching TV, all without interruption. Only an internet connection with a minimum internet speed of 6 mb / s is sufficient. The Smart TV can be connected via WiFi or with an internet cable.

Epicstream IPTV Cost:

For 8.75 a month, in combination with a 12 month subscription, you have access to all channels including all payment packages. One-off investment in a Smart IPTV application is an IPTV Box from € 80.00 if you do not have a smart TV. You are not committed to anything! No unforeseen costs! No tacit renewals! You decide we run!

Always & Everywhere:

You can use the Epicstream IPTV BOX anywhere in the world, the only requirement is an internet connection. Whether you are on a campsite in Spain or on a business trip in New York, you are always provided with your Dutch channels. Nice and easy to use, plug & play!

Dreambox and IPTV:

Epicstream IPTV offers TV content to stream on your Android TV box; with more than 6000 channels such as Sports, News, Movies, entertainment, and foreign packages including Europe, USA, Canada, and Germany, there is always something to see! Fixed line, fiberglass, coax, in the outside area and even with a hotspot? With Dreambox you can always watch TV without interference. With an internet connection you are assured of Dreambox and IPTV.

Epicstream IPTV works on multiple devices:

Do you have a second Smart TV from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, or Hisense with an android operating system? Then there is the possibility to watch free TV channels when you purchase a Dreambox!

Remote assistance:

Accidentally deleted the settings, malfunction, or other issues? We help you in no time with the help of team viewer / whatsapp.

Epicstream IPTV on any mobile device:

Watch TV on your smartphone wherever you are in the World. (Android, iPhone, iPad and all other iOS devices) Ask about the possibilities

Affordable IPTV service:

Watch a lot for little with Dreambox TV!

How IPTV Works:

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV stands for receiving your TV signal via an internet connection. To make an IPTV connection work, you only need an IPTV receiver and IPTV subscription. IPTV offers many advantages over traditional methods of watching TV such as cable, radio and / or satellite. A broadband internet connection can be used as a medium for IPTV. This is a more efficient way of transferring data compared to older ways of watching TV. To use IPTV you must purchase a matching subscription. This is possible via most major internet providers such as Ziggo or Canal Digitaal. We at Electro-Sat do not sell subscriptions, only the matching receivers. For more information you can of course always visit our store.

What is Epicstream IPTV?

There are many advantages of IPTV over other forms of TV reception. A list of important and relevant benefits of IPTV are given below:

✓ At the moment IPTV is most effective when it comes to receiving TV signals. By using an internet connection, a noticeably better image quality can be guaranteed on average. This signal is also much more stable than watching other forms of TV. An IPTV provider only streams the channel that is being watched, while other forms of TV receive all channels simultaneously.

✓ IPTV also allows you to record your TV channel via the TV receiver. You can connect a hard disk or storage device to most IPTV receivers in order to record the TV signal. You can watch this video later from an interactive menu.

✓ VOD also called Video on Demand is a catalog of videos and TV programs that you can watch whenever you want. Every user has an extensive catalog from which he or she can choose. Real Time Streaming Protocol is used for this form of watching TV.

✓ In addition, you can of course also use all live TV channels. IPTV users watch live TV with the least possible delay and the highest possible quality. Up to and including 4K image quality. This live signal is also more stable and better suited for foreign channels.

✓ Finally, with IPTV you can do much more than watch TV. With the IPTV receiver you can turn your existing TV into a Smart TV. With a good IPTV receiver you can access an unlimited range of apps via the play store. So you can enjoy Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and other fun apps directly from your TV. You can also play the best games or just browse the internet.

What can I watch with Epicstream IPTV?

With Epicstream IPTV you can watch all channels that can be found via the internet. By all channels we really mean all channels. Even channels that are normally part of paid packages such as Film1 can be viewed via IPTV. Streaming services such as Netflix, HBO and Hulu can be viewed via IPTV receivers. But like normal customers of these services, you will still have to sign up for these services. You only need to find a matching subscription for the channels that you would like to receive. These subscriptions can be found at various major internet and TV providers. These channels are streamed at the highest possible image quality. The quality of IPTV is even equal to or better than the picture quality of the channel itself! This is possible because internet connections are a lot faster than traditional TV connections. You can also use free video services such as YouTube. This can be done by downloading the app as you would on your phone.

All IPTV receivers running on Android have the option to download apps. Of course it is also possible to enjoy other forms of media with IPTV. For example, you can also view internet content via YouTube or Netflix. In addition, you can browse the internet via the corresponding apps so that you can view the news or the weather. Finally, it is possible to literally download any app that is also available on your phone. This means that you can arrange your banking affairs yourself via this receiver, view your telephone subscription and much more. An IPTV receiver can also be equipped with a controller so that the IPTV device and true console can be made. You can download an unlimited range of games from the app store so that you can essentially turn your IPTV receiver into a fully functioning game console. View sports, series and the best films with IPTV!

Buy an IPTV receiver

Epicstream built up an extensive range of IPTV receivers. To keep it clear you can choose from various filter options. When selecting a recipient, you should primarily filter for options that you want from a recipient. This ensures that you do not pay for options that you do not use afterwards. Do you want an HD Receiver or a 4K Receiver? The choice is yours.