IPTV 66 is the best IPTV provider in North America (USA, Canada) and Europe, we have many years of experience, we give you the stability and reliability of the service. We provide about 9000 channels and 9700 VODs from more than 41 countries, you will not find better service on the internet, IPTV 66 always strives for perfection and your satisfaction.

We have all programs available according to needs, taste and trends in the market. Our video system and programs will definitely meet the needs of all users. IPTV 66 provides the largest VOD, movies and TV shows database on the market. We have a trial version for new users. If you don’t really trust what we share, just try the TV features for this service. Sure, what you see will outweigh your imagination!

IPTV 66 : Watch the best of U.S and European Channels

If you are interested in US TV channels, you can check it out on my website. We provide more than 500 US IPTV channels with high quality and cheap price. I’m sure you can find the channel you want to watch quickly. With our US channel you can watch sports, social media, e-commerce, travel sites, cooking, entertainment,… Our IPTV channels support several channels with different areas.

IPTV 66 provides the best of cable TV content:

The current is very smooth without freezing the channel and buffering. Channel transmission is always stable regardless of the weather conditions. I am sure you will be satisfied with the quality of our channels. All your favorite US channels are now available to choose from.

The complete list of U.S and European channels that work with MAG, Android, IOS, Smart TV, all devices that support the “m3u” formula or portals, such as multimedia VLC, simple TV or Kodi PC can run IPTV USA. We are the best supplier with cheap price and stable server. Since we support most devices, you can easily configure it with our tutorial for each device.

Before purchasing the IPTV subscription, you can do a free 48 hour IPTV test on the web. And you can test IPTV USA on any device before you decide to buy it. We provide you with a test account to test with any channel on any device you want.

In addition, we also have about 8600 channels from many countries such as Canada, Italy, Brazil, Iran, Holland, Iran, Germany, Turkey… with HD and FHD quality. Our list has many attractive sports channels offering hundreds of top level matches. You can view our complete list of IPTV USA with more than 500 quality channels before choosing to buy this IPTV:

UHD and 4k TV content on IPTV 66:

The difference between Smart IPTV One and other IPTV providers?

While other IPTV providers have channels from all over the world, our main channels are for the Nordic countries. We specialize in IPTV channels from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

No other IPTV provider focuses on the Nordic countries that we have.

Other IPTV providers have 15,000+ IPTV channels. Why does Smart IPTV One only have 7500 channels?
We at Smart IPTV One believe in quality before quantity.

  • We have selected high quality IPTV channels for you. And most importantly, we make sure our channels work when you watch them.
  • We have saved you several hours to sort the channels and removed unwanted advertising channels.

Free trial

The 24-hour test is for those who want to buy our excellent package but want to test before.
Email us your MAC address and we will help. Make sure your box has the correct setting from SIPTV (see their instructions) or email us and we will send you a link. After proper settings in your MAG box, register for a test line and you will be able to test the world’s best IPTV.

Why choose us?

  • Free 48h test: You will experience IPTV services in 48 hours, but you will not lose money.
  • 9000 IPTV channels: We have over 9000 HD and 9700 VOD channels from more than 44 countries with many sports.
  • Server Stability: We have more than 100 better and stable servers. Always works well.
  • Sports Channels: We have the most tuned sports channels, many HD quality, FHD, SD
  • Beautiful website: We have automated systems for customers, to create a valuation and billing account, customers can renew by paying online on the website.
  • Large Customer database: We provide services to more than 54000 customers, 600 resellers and 50 retransmitters worldwide.

Although IPTV emerged more than a decade ago, it can be noted that IPTV can hardly grow as expected, since network bandwidth and infrastructure conditions have not previously allowed this new type of television to develop. That is why IPTV still needs to meet traditional TV and cable TV. But in recent years, the Internet has made great strides. Most notable is the popularity of broadband networks with faster connection speeds. In some countries, such as Korea, fiber optic cable has been routed to all homes. This is the platform that helps IPTV start to develop.
IPTV services our unit provides

Currently, to meet users’ needs, we provide IPTV services to three large audience groups. This is:

  • IPTV for individuals: This service is mainly deployed for people who want to use IPTV for entertainment or use IPTV for other simple purposes.
  • IPTV resellers: We realize that the demand for IPTV resellers is increasing. Therefore, we provide a reseller of IPTV resellers to the reseller. This service gives users more tools, which maximizes the need for extremely large users.
  • IPTV Restream: In addition to IPTV services used to entertain and meet the requirements for watching television, these IPTV services are also used effectively in the business area. IPTV Restream services can become the platform for developing many TV client operating systems. Our IPTV Restream service will provide the best channel network and server for all customers.

These are the three most popular IPTV services for each client. Are you a person, a dealer or a company? If you need to use our IPTV services, you decide what type of service to use and find information about each type of service in our section below.

What type of service should you use?

When we share, we provide three types of services for customers, such as IPTV Personal, IPTV Reseller and IPTV Restream. Each type of service suits every individual audience. To determine the appropriate type of service, continue to follow the information below.

IPTV66 Fetaures

In our unit you will experience an extremely large rental. We realize that the demand for entertainment from individual users is increasing rapidly. So we are always working and trying to find the best and most rewarding programs for you. Currently, our personal IPTV service has integrated many programs, such as:

  • Live streams.
  • Transfer of programs on request.
  • Good channels with high quality sound and images.
  • The video system in each field.

The best VOD database for films and TV shows on the market.

We have all programs available according to needs, taste and trends in the market. Our video system and programs will definitely meet the needs of all users.

Currently, our number of users has reached 700,000. Every day we receive many positive comments. This is the best motivation for us. In the future, our video and television programs will be improved. So if you have never used our personal IPTV service, start using it now by registering an account on our site.

If you still doubt the quality of our service, try it yourself

We have a trial version for new users. If you don’t really trust what we share, just try the TV features for this service. Sure, what you see will outweigh your imagination!

IPTV Reseller Service

First, there is one thing we want to share with you immediately. It’s about the price of the IPTV Reseller service compared to the price of the personal IPTV service. The price of IPTV resellers is always lower than the price of personal IPTV service. It can be said that IPTV resale service is for large customers, so the price is usually more favorable. Personal IPTV service for small customers, the price is usually more expensive.

The IPTV Reseller service is the right business option!

By using the IPTV reseller you can register as an agent in our system and start the business process immediately. We sell our services / products to you at wholesale prices and you can sell services / products to private customers at retail prices.

To become our reseller, you enjoy not only price incentives, but also many other benefits such as:

The reputation of the brand

Although it is one of the newly established units, our services and products have been confirmed by many customers. A product / service of a large and reputable brand easily leads to customer confidence. However, you can also create your own DNS and sell services / products under your brand.

Our IPTV Reseller service has many benefits, suitable for many customers

Own private management system

Come to our service, you will have a privately managed system. You are not managed by our system. All is well. You can take the initiative, control, manage and control the entire business process.

Low investment costs

Our services are categorized based on customers, regions and available resources. We guarantee that our IPTV Reseller service packages will suit all customers. Our service will be of great help to you, especially your business process. So, if you are planning to become our reseller, hurry up as there are many who want to become a reseller.

With a small amount you can become an entrepreneur