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VOD is the acronym for Video On Demand which literally means “video on demand”. It is one of the most popular forms of IPTV. In fact, it (VOD) was presented for the most part earlier in this article. The user has the freedom to choose the audiovisual programs he wants and to follow them in real time. It is in this category that we find popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, OCS or Amazon Prime Video. If you are looking for a film or a series for example, you just need to make a request and the multimedia file is sent to you via the Internet in a format of your choice (all this in a few seconds).

Depending on the online service you use, you may even be able to choose the version of the video: French version (often denoted by the abbreviation VF), original version with French subtitles (VOSTFR) or even a version in another foreign language than the original.

Catch-up television or time-shifted media

This is a particular form of television broadcasting. It allows you to follow delayed broadcasts. It is a free service which provides recent programs, generally of less than 30 days, with the exception of sporting events or films (for questions of copyright and retransmission rights). Thus, thanks to this technology, you can for example follow a Sunday program (broadcast live) in deferred streaming on Tuesday. All TV channels now offer their programs on demand via a website, a mobile application for iOS / Android or directly from the internet box.