NecroIPTV Europe’s best IPTV provider. Why are we a better choice than other IPTV suppliers? We believe in quality before quantity. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have several thousand channels, etc. We make sure our channels work flawlessly and of course and with any compatible device, NecroIPTV has a large database of TV shows and on-demand movies / series and channels. Selections that make us stand out in the crowd like sports channels in FHD and PPV events. Entertainment channels in at least HD quality.

NecroIPTV Features:

  • NecroIPTV Customer support: Our customer service is something we are most proud of! Always helpful and pleasant. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am – 10pm . Saturday-Sunday 12.00-22-00
  • Quality: We believe in quality before quantity. This does not mean that you miss something in our selection. More that we focus on Nordic channels. Of course, we make every effort to make it work smoothly for you!
  • Secure Payments Servers: All of our data traffic is encrypted and we do this for you and your integrity should be preserved. Our diskless servers store no customer information. We only accept payments made via Swish & Bitcoin.
  • Servers outside eu: Our servers are based outside the EU where both streaming and offshore hosting are legal, and our servers are completely drive-less. No Swedish authorities have jurisdiction there and we can promise you that your privacy is preserved. All traffic is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  • Support available 365 days: Our support is open 365 days a year!

NecroIPTV Free IPTV trial

Contact us by telegram or email. To test our service before you shop!
Right now we only offer 1h test because many people use the service during big football matches etc.


What does it take to try your service?

All that is required is that you have internet connection. With over 30mbits / s

How fast do I need the internet?

At least 8mbit / s for SD and at least 30mbit / s for HD & FULL HD. Our recommendation is that you have at least 30mbit / s for them to work clockwise.

Can I use my subscription to multiple devices?

Yes you can do that, you can connect your account on several different devices but only run one at a time. If you want to be able to use more at the same time you need to buy either a twin account or a triplet account. Contact us for price.

Can I bring my subscription or my box abroad to my vacation rental?

Yes absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection. With over 30 mbit / s down.

How do I place an order?

You contact us via Telegram Messenger or mail and wait for any of us to respond. We will help you with payment details.

Which channels are included? What is included in the package?

Over 20,000+ TV channels & a lot of VOD Movies (video on demand) included. We have all Swedish channels (Cmore, Viasat, Sport, Discovery, Film and Entertainment) in one place. Only at NecroIPTV.

What units does your service work on?

Our service works on almost all devices. Android phone, iphone, tablets, smart tv, android boxes, apple tv, iptv boxes (eg MAG, tvip, formulas), amazon firestick. And more of these are the most common ones

How IPTV Works:

Google searches tell us the following: IPTV is, for most consumers, a way to watch TV channels on their computers. Everything that goes beyond represents an insignificant volume of research. IPTV is generally seen as a cheaper alternative to cable for a large number of end consumers. This is too narrow a picture of IPTV compared to reality. There are many more possibilities and opportunities for this technology.

The industries that have been providing television services in recent decades have the most to gain from IPTV. Think of the hospitality industry or hospitals. For a long time, these two sectors offered their guests and patients a form of television entertainment. Which, over the course of technological evolution, creates expectations among their audience.

Growing beyond television:

IPTV has obvious advantages. Aside from being cheaper or requiring fewer cables and additional hardware, the real benefit is something completely different. This is how this technology has grown beyond television and can be easily adapted to the increasing expectations of users.

IPTV, like digital signage for that matter, combines old and new media. It is a unique position to communicate with the public that offers television, video on demand and all the other communication tools that we know from our smartphones and laptops. This extra layer of interactivity adds a whole new dimension by allowing businesses and institutions to truly communicate with their audience for the first time.

IPTV stands for interactive television:

The number of features and interactivity opportunities has grown faster on the Internet than for linear television. Curiously, television shows are more popular than ever, we may well be in a golden era of television. Only, viewers want to decide when they watch what. The days when channels dictated which shows were visible at what time are over. IPTV gives users the power to define their own viewing habits. Some IPTV software solutions even allow users to connect their own devices and watch Netflix or Hulu on a large screen.

In recent years, much has been said about the “second screen,” concluding that the majority of viewers interact with something besides the TV show at hand. IPTV plays in this trend, it can combine several screens into one. Users can watch series while elsewhere on the screen traffic information and weather forecasts are displayed. The possibilities of adding functionality and improving the visual experience are almost endless with the right software.

Add a whole new dimension:

Business opportunities open up as the content on the TV screen becomes interactive and third-party software is added. The integration of third-party software allows companies and institutions to add services to their offer. Here, IPTV stops offering television, media or content and enters a different field.

The benefits of this integration are very industry specific, for example hotel guests can order room service while watching a movie while hospital patients can view their medical records. However, IPTV has an advantage common to all sectors: only one implementation is necessary to offer each visitor the same level of services.

Given the scale of these industries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer this via a “bring your own device” strategy. You have to take into consideration the different operating systems, devices and apps that are popular around the world, not to mention that some consumers don’t want to bring any device at all.

IPTV has a big advantage here, users don’t have to worry about hardware or software. Instead, they can just turn on the TV and start having fun.

Create connections:

Digital experiences have the power to connect people, businesses and government institutions. By helping users achieve their goals, we create a shared experience that turns into a lasting bond. In the past this has been achieved by offering simple entertainment options, today expectations are much higher.

For many industries, communication and care are essential to their mission. Here, it is essential to create solid links with the target audience. Relationships are forged by always providing what is needed at the right time. For hospitals, this can mean transparency towards patients, while hotels can make a business trip more comfortable or personal.

Devices must be smart. They have to create added value and help us in our daily life. IPTV implementations can help industries and government organizations to offer this to their visitors. By combining the old with the new, IPTV creates communication opportunities that meet today’s standards.