OK2 IPTV the best IPTV provider in Canada. Lightning Speed ​​Servers that guarantee you trouble-free TV. 20,000+ TV Channels, Sports, Movies & Comics from all over the world. Support & Installation is included at no extra cost. Full HD & 4K quality. Very Affordable price with quality content and fast servers. Customer service 24/7 with Live Chat.

Watch Canadian sports channel, movies & series on OK2 IPTV:

We have over 20,000 IPTV channels, sports channels, movies & series. All in one place. All it takes to get started is the internet. Canadian IPTV best IPTV in Canada. You don’t commit to anything. Our IPTV service stops working after the period you have paid for expired. If you buy 10 days it works 10 days, nothing is extended automatically. If you wish to continue, you will order again.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT 24/7 live chat:

Our fantastic customer support is staffed 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Do you need help with anything? Email us or start a live conversation with us (we will respond within 1-4h).

All Canadian Cable TV content:

At OK2 IPTV you can see all the great sports and live events in Football, Hockey, Golf, UFC, Boxing, Motorsport and much more. Follow your favorite team in the Premiuer League and Champions League today. We
broadcasts all C more, Viasat, Sportkanalen, Strive, PPV and much more for only SEK 99

With an IPTV service from OK2 IPTV that has chosen to specialize in only the Nordic channels, we promise you a world-class service with crystal clear image and maximum stability. OK2 IPTV is the best & cheapest IPTV provider in Sweden. From SEK 99

Become an OK2 IPTV Reseller:

We are looking for dealers in North America. Want to make money and be able to work completely digitally? Join us as a reseller today. All you focus on is building your own customer base and all the technical we take care of. Invest and get started with your own reseller portal where you can manage your customers yourself. You simply run your own IPTV company and are completely independent. We take care of all the technical and you obviously get full support from us all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

NOTE! For those of you who have ISPs in Europe as a broadband provider please note that IPTV will never work 100% flawlessly for you. You need to change broadband companies.

What does it take to try your service?

All that is required is that you have internet connection.

How fast do I need the internet?

At least 8mbit / s for SD and at least 30mbit / s for HD & FULL HD. Our recommendation is that you have at least 30mbit / s for them to work clockwise.

Can I use my subscription to multiple devices?

Yes you can do that, you can connect your account on several different devices but only run one at a time. If you want to be able to use more at the same time, you need to buy either a twin account or a triplicate account. Contact us for price.

Can I bring my subscription or my box abroad to my vacation rental?

Yes absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection.

How do I place an order?

  • You contact us via Live Chat and wait for any of us to respond. We will help you with payment details.
  • Which channels are included? What is included in the package?
  • Over 20,000+ TV channels & a lot of VOD Films (video on demand) are included for only SEK 1499 / year.
  • We have all US and Canadian TV content in one place. Only at OK2 IPTV.

Service Rules:

– Only one connection per account.
– You may not use your account on multiple devices at the same time, even if it is the same household.
– It is possible to use on multiple devices as long as it is never used at the same time.
– Prohibited from sharing his account to friends, family etc
– You are responsible for making sure that the account does not end up in the wrong hands. NO favorite lists should be made, you always go in via the country you want and start the channel from there.

  • – Jumping too quickly between IP addresses is prohibited as this is not considered normal use
  • – Restoring our channels is totally prohibitedTo record one channel while watching another channel is prohibited, as you use double bandwidth and cause exactly the same damage to us as if you had watched two devices at the same time.
  • – Do not use VPN as most VPN IPs are already blacklisted by us due to addictions. If you choose to use VPN then you are responsible for this yourself and we cannot help you if your account is suspended due to abuse.
    Sample Account Rules

In addition to the above:

  • Only one application per household
  • DO NOT apply behind a VPN
  • DO NOT fill in the application form once more, but if it has become a mistake then email us and we will correct this.

Free OK2 IPTV Trial account:

The trial account is valid from the second you receive it in your Inbox, and 24 H forward. You are responsible for looking at your junk mail as it is very common for our mail to end up there. Do not search for a test account if you do not have time to use it, you will not receive anything later because you missed or did not have to use it. The bandwidth costs us money so please respect this. DO NOT use single-use email accounts, mailinator, fakemail generator, stromox, zainmax, zain and more. Do not email us with inquiries about when your trial account will be completed


The advantages of having OK2 IPTV

IPTV is a means of accessing multiple television channels using the internet. So you can watch TV using your smartphone or computer. Today, fewer and fewer people are watching television due to the evolution of the internet. To cope with this, a limited number of broadcasters have adapted to this current trend. There are legal subscriptions and others that are less so. To take advantage, follow our installation guide.

How it works ?

IPTV is a service that lets you watch TV over a broadband connection only. This can be of ADSL, Fiber or 4 G type. IPTV does not need cable or satellite. Indeed, a simple internet connection is enough. The speed will depend on the quality of the video. For HD quality, the minimum recommended is 5 Mb / s. For that of SD, the minimum is 2 Mb / s.

When the viewer subscribes to a particular IPTV service, he receives the service-specific set-top box (STB). This device is used to decode and decrypt TV and VOD streams for display on the TV screen. This decoder is connected to the Internet connection of the viewer (router). It uses the internet to transmit video or television content to the viewer.

The advantages of the IPTV subscription

By opting for an iptv Deluxe subscription, you benefit from a very high quality server. This equates to a really wide bandwidth. Otherwise, you have more than 3,200 channels to watch in HD and Full HD.

As updates are made regularly, you can see more than 7000 films and series on VOD. You can even watch a hundred movies in 4K an iptv free apk. This viewing mode is the latest very high definition system.

By choosing an IPTV Deluxe subscription, you get a free iptv to test their services and to find out how it works and you get after-sales service for each problem and concern you encounter.

Are you interested in this offer? It is compatible with all m3u file readers. The same goes for tablets and smartphones. You can also take advantage of this if you have an Android box and Box enigma 2.

The IPTV market

Quality of service, HD content, exclusive programs or direct control. These parameters represent huge investments for IP protocol television operators. Moreover, the latter should continue to add a whole range of services to their services as well as to improve their quality of service.

Currently, many multinational companies have invested in this area, which is proving to be very promising. They hire thousands of people for the profession of IPTV reseller and offer them multiple advantages. These agents will distribute and resell the company’s IPTV subscriptions.

Regarding this last point, IPTV companies offer a wide range of offers. In fact, the formulas range from basic packages to luxury IPTV subscriptions. You will be able to make your choice according to your budget and your preferences. You will have at your disposal a whole selection of channels from the four corners of the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.).