Sportz Prime IPTV

Sports themed channels and bouquets are among the most requested when talking about Internet TV. However, the sporting offer of Internet service providers is not limited only to television support. Echos du Net toured the sporting offerings of ISPs on all media.

With a general catalog, Sportz Prime IPTV is a special case. Indispensable for sports fans, the channel broadcasts some of the major sporting events of the year with League 1, the Premier League (football), the top 14 (rugby) or a large selection of formula championships 1.

Sportz Prime IPTV is available from all operators and offers a bouquet of 6 channels including the general sport channel Canal + Sport.

Sportz Prime IPTV offers channels dedicated to sport in their basic television package as well as the possibility of accessing the generalist package for variable rates depending on the operator. Note that Sportz Prime IPTV is also accessible from all operators on mobile media (tablet, smartphone, computer, etc.).

Sportz Prime IPTV Features:

  • Over 3000 SD, HD and Full HD channels, ACCESSIBLE FROM EVERYWHERE, You can follow from: Android, Mag250, Mag254, XBMC KODI, Enigma2 Linux, Apple and VLC Player! you need a WI-FI, 3G or 4G connection to connect to -IP.TV and enjoy the shows.
  • HIGH QUALITY IPTV: Stable high performance servers, no load balancing
  • No Equipment / Setup: No space for dishes and dishes? Do not worry. Buy IPTV is there to help you without additional hardware installations.
  • IPTV channels: More than 3000 TV channels all over the world.
    A variety of channels.

What do I need to receive IPTV?

To receive IPTV and South IPTV channels first of all you will need an internet connection more than 2mo for sd channels and 4mo for HD channels. Some video streams are greedy in connection especially if you want to play them in HD quality. It is therefore recommended to have a good enough connection to be able to enjoy IPTV without interruption and with good image quality.

Second you will need a device connected to the internet. Like for example a smartphone, PC, Mag, a tablet or even a Smart TV. If your TV cannot connect to the Internet, you will simply need to obtain an Android box which will allow you to connect your TV to the Internet.

Finally, you will just have to subscribe to any subscriptions and download the corresponding application to enjoy your favorite channels.

How to get the best quality of IPTV subscription?

Choose the IPTV box:

Your device which will be used to watch TV channels must have a minimum of 3g of Ram. Below, you risk having jerks regularly. Different models of smart IPTV boxes specialize in quality IPTV subscriptions. For sedentary use at your home, I recommend the Android Formuler boxes. The Formuler Z7 + has proven itself and its replacement, the Formuler Z8 takes the same path of success. Your mobile, or tablet, if new, will also do the trick. A full comparison of the different IPTV tv boxes is available. I advise you to take a look for more explanations.

  • COMPATIBILITY: MAG, Dreamlink T1, Avov, Android, WebTV (browser), and XBMC / KODI are the supported platforms.
  • SERVER STABILITY: Our INFRASTRUCTURE ensures data security AT THE HIGHEST level. You can watch your channels 24 hours a day without interruption!
  • HD SPORTS: Stream all of your favorite HD sports live anywhere in the world. Don’t miss your favorite teams anymore!
  • Customer Support: Quick assistance to help you resolve any installation issues
  • RESELLER Accounts: We offer an advantageous reseller plan that allows you to develop and manage your own customer base.
  • VIDEO ON DEMAND: Enjoy +7000 movies and TV shows instantly! All of our VODs are updated daily.

Why Choose Sportz Prime IPTV?

Either day / night, you can be sure you can watch your favorite show.

99.9% Availability Guarantee: We offer a 99.9% availability guarantee with all our plans.

Fast delivery: Our system will deliver your line directly to your email!

24/7 Live customer support: Our team is available 24/7 by email or Whatsapp: +33755539233 when you need help. you need help setting up the device, billing problem or whatever!

7 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer a money back guarantee to all new customers who choose to cancel their registration before the end of the 7th day of their subscription and who have used a refundable payment method. When you cancel your subscription, the refund is automatically processed.