Thunder TV IPTV

Thunder TV IPTV a subscription provider Smart IPTV, m3u, Mag of high quality with several years of experience, our Premium IPTV servers have a playlist of more than 10,000 channels in full HD and SD & VODS in Full HD and 4k (latest films and series up to date), the performance of our IPTV servers is a priority for us.

We assure you a reception of the channels in very high fluidity with an exceptional image quality which will assure you a better quality when watching your favorite matches and events, in addition to videos on demand in HD or Full HD and even in 4k in the best conditions, our IPTV subscription is compatible with Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Sony and all Android TVs and MAG and Android boxes, Apple TV …

Thanks to the Smart IPTV application activation is entirely remote without any intervention on your part or technical knowledge, we also have an Android application under the name IPTV Smarters which works with username and password.


Internet Protocol TeleVision or, IPTV, is the act of accessing television channels over the internet. This allows you to have access to television on your computer or smartphone.
Thunder TV IPTV offers a large selection of IPTV television channels broadcast over the Internet. This international television service is broadcast via streaming an IPTV video stream with a very high speed connection, and accessible all over the world. Just plug your IPTV receiver (provided by Thunder TV IPTV or equipment compatible with our IPTV system) to your Internet modem (with WIFI or cable) and start watching your favorite IPTV bouquets on your TV without satellite dish, whatever your geographic location on earth!

Thunder TV IPTV is currently the largest provider of USA, European , Canada and International IPTV channels on the market. Thunder TV IPTV offers all French, Belgian, Swiss, Italian (it channels), German (TV channels) and Arabic IPTV channels in IPTV. The list of IPTV bouquets continues to increase, with each addition, you will find the new channels directly in your IPTV device, without any necessary intervention on your part.
The IPTV box provided by Thunder TV IPTV is also a leisure and entertainment platform, a wide choice of films and series will be available in the VOD (Video On Demand) section in IPTV as well.

Thunder TV IPTV is compatible with a multitude of IPTV devices and operating systems:

  • PC windows IPTV
  • Android IPTV devices (via our app provided once you place your order)
  • The majority of Enigma 2 satellite receivers (the IPTV plugin is supplied after ordering)
  • IPTV MAG (250 – 254 – 260 etc…)
  • The Thunder TV IPTV box

HOW can I configure my Thunder TV IPTV Box?

The configuration is simple. Once your order is accepted online, your TRUEVISION Thunder TV IPTV receiver will be shipped directly to your home address with installation instructions. All you have to do is connect your TV and modem to your TRUEVISION Thunder TV IPTV IPTV receiver and turn it on. Just follow the simple steps and you start watching your favorite channels in seconds:

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your receiver and your TV.
  2. Connect the IPTV receiver to the power source.
  3. Press the power button on the remote control.
  4. Connect your Ethernet or wireless cable to connect to your Internet router. same connection as desktop or laptop computer.

What if my IPTV Box is in another room away from the Internet modem?

No problem! Now we can offer a “built-in WiFi” wireless connection for the IPTV Thunder TV IPTV Box receiver! No need to install cables from room to room, just press the menu on the remote control, settings, network settings, then select the wireless connection, then follow the instructions. You will be asked to choose the correct wireless network. Choose your home network, enter your internet password and you will be immediately connected and ready to receive the channels in your IPTV box!

HOW to connect to an Internet modem / router via wireless network?

  1. Top Menu »» Setup »Network» Press connection
  2. Select wireless (Wi-Fi) »Press Enter» searches for Wi-Fi networks
  3. Select your Internet network, enter your password »Press OK then Apply.

Wide choice of IPTV channels

With our Box Thunder TV IPTV, you can access TV channels that are not in your Satellite coverage. Thanks to the encrypted bouquets on Astra, Hotbird, you can access the channels of other satellites such as Nilesat, Hispasat, etc.

No Freezing or stuttering

Unlike what sharing servers offer, our solution is technically more stable since you will receive the video stream directly to your home, thus avoiding the breaks presented by other technologies which are based on card sharing.