Top Dog IPTV

Top Dog IPTV is currently the largest supplier of US, European , Canadian, French and International IPTV channels on the market. We offer all the channels in the world, French, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, German, English, British, Scandinavian and Arab. The list of bouquets continues to increase, with each addition, you will find the new channels directly in your IPTV device, without any intervention necessary on your part, also a wide choice of films and series will be at your disposal in the VOD section (Video On Demand) FOR FREE, the subscriptions we offer are compatible with a multitude of devices and operating systems: Windows PC, Android devices, Smartphones and Tablets, Enigma 2 satellite receivers: Dreambox, Vu + .. .

Do Top Dog IPTV servers work where i Live?

The answer is YES, our system works by cable and only requires a stable Internet connection, 3G, 4G or ADSL or Wifi to operate, without satellite or terrestrial antenna …, whatever your geographic location on earth! Europe America Africa Asia , in a rural area or in town and without the obligation to go through a VPN.

What do I need as equipment?

For IPTV, it’s simple, a stable internet connection with a speed of 6 mega and +, after you can use either your smart TV (Connected TV), through one of the applications offered after subscription, or if not go through an Android Box, a fire stick or an apple TV, and for your trips, you can use your laptop or desktop or your smartphone or tablet, if you don’t have any of that, you can order directly from us a pack (Box android + iptv configured), for more information, contact us.

For Satellite reception, you need an internet line of course, no matter the speed, because this system unlike IPTV does not require a powerful internet speed, you also need a satellite dish pointing towards Astra 19E or Hotbird 13E or Hispasat 30W , and of course a decoder compatible with Linux system, (Example: Dreambox or Vu +, Octagon or formulation …) for more information, please contact us.

What is the difference between a Basic and Premium or Platinium subscription?

We still advise you a Platinum or Premium account, you will have many more channels in full HD / 4K, the sport packages as well as the others in full OPTIONS, in addition to the latest VOD releases of movies and series up to date 24 / 7, unlike the basic plus offer which works as well but which lacks several options,

The PREMIUM offer is really perfect and the most sold with our subscribers, but if you want even more stability and power, you can opt for the new PLATINIUM formula.


  • Ultra fast zapping. (More Priority for Platinum)
  • Very stable for full HD and 4K channels.
  • Ultra HD image resolution: SD HD FHD 4K.
  • Recommended for people who do not have a very powerful internet speed.
  • US, European , CA, FR channels in HD FULL HD and 4K.
  • Latest releases of VOD films and series (up to date 24/7) (+ Priority for Platinum)


  • An internet connection greater than 10 Mega is essential.
  • FHD HD quality for all channels.
  • The main packages are available, but not in full OPTIONS.
  • Films and minimum VOD series (updated monthly)

How to receive the subscription after payment?

a Top Dog IPTV subscription is either an identifier consisting of a user and password and an url address to configure via your application, or an intangible file in the form of a notepad file, a code or an application (it all depends on the device used), you can only receive by email after payment,

Unless you want to order a device or a preconfigured box, in this case Top Dog IPTV will send your parcel by post, and in this case, you will have the device prepared, it will work directly and automatically once connected.

Is it possible to move my IPTV subscription to another device?

Yes, no problem if you move your android box or your fire stick or apple tv during your trips or your travels, the only thing to take into account is the IPTV account which should not be installed on a second device without prior authorization.