XstreamingTv 100% LEGAL IPTV subscription provider. Enjoy XstreamingTv IPTV at its best! European and US’s largest and most popular channel package, all channels in 4k HD and UHD. Watch IPTV. Stream movies, series, facts, sports, news and lots more with the whole family, perfectly legal.

XstreamingTv Features:

Only, Internet connection needed: The only thing required to watch TV through us is internet connection, forget about cords, dishes and anything else that takes place in everyday life.

Best prices, ALWAYS !: With over 20,000+ TV & films from over 50 different countries at a fraction of the prices such as Telia, Comhem, Viasat and Boxer Mfl. taking.

Best IPTV provider: Many write that they are the best, but we are proven best in all categories, we offer: Best support, best offer and prices, can it be better?

USA’s best IPTV provider:

We have been on the market for a little over a year, but in the short time we have gained a reputation for delivering high quality IPTV, especially in the nirth american market, where we can probably hit us on the chest and say that we are the best available supplier. We have one. TV Sports Channels at Ultra HD (JA 4K), Premium entertainment and Cable TV in Full HD (1080p), Our own XstreamingTv movie channels called Movietime where it plays films around the clock with different genres, catch-up on the most important US, European, Canadian TV channels, among other things.

Regular and Daily Updates on XstreamingTv Servers:

Every day we add new series and films to our database , 4k movies and TV shows, with the best of US and European content.

Make money from becoming our reseller:

Fill out the form and feel free to write a line about yourself if you want to say via website, to the friendship circle etc.
Best of all is that you as a reseller only manage your own sales while we take care of all the technical, the only thing you need to do is to have full focus on building your own customer base.

Working in your own portal is really super easy, it sounds more advanced than it is in practice. As a reseller with us you get full support of all cases and help with everything until you become completely self-sufficient. NOTE! Contact us only if you are really serious and want to get started as a reseller.

How fast is the internet needed to enjoy XstreamingTv?

In order to experience IPTV fully, you must have at least 30-40 mbits internet to watch the full-hd channels, 4K channels and movies, however, require close to 100 mbits internet. Of course, we have most channels in SD quality too, so you with a little worse internet can also watch. Then 8 mbits is enough.

Terms of purchase and how to pay

You use our shopping cart and pay directly from the website. All purchases are final.

You can Try our service for up to 10 days


Contact us today and we will help you get started directly through our chat.

Our channel package is available for MAG Boxes, TViP S-Box, SmartTV (Samsung / LG / AndroidTV), PC / Mac, Mobile Phones and much more. Try our smart solutions for your desired device, and we promise you will be satisfied.


When do you process my order?

We will process your order as soon as we have seen the payment.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices at the same time? (EXTRA CONNECTION)

No, it is forbidden to check several devices at the same time. Your account will be banned if this is done. If you want to check out more units at the same time, you can pay for an extra subscription for a reduced art.

What do I need to watch XstreamingTv IPTV?

It is possible to watch XstreamingTv IPTV in many different ways. But to get the most out of our service we recommend one of the Android TV boxes which supports 4k. There are also MAG boxes of various kinds. The problem with MAG is that they do not support blah. all audio codec. For example, DTS. If you do not want to buy a box, and have a SmartTV at home, you can use the SmartIPTV app. What you should keep in mind is that if you run that app you will not be able to use the catch-up function.

What does catch-up mean?

We call it the service where you can go back and watch a previously broadcast program. So you missed the track on Friday, you can watch it whenever you want on Saturday. Our catchup channels save at least 24 hours of the last broadcast on the channel.


XstreamingTv IPTV offers different advantages

1 single cable for internet, television and telephony (triple play)
SD & HD television ensuring improved image quality
works on both TV and PC
interactivity plays a central role: sending live messages, RSS feeds, Video On Demand (VOD), Music On Demand (MOD), info pages, etc.
simple camera system integration within the same network
offer of transmitters fully customizable by customer or group of customers
remote access for monitoring and system maintenance
live break, rewind,…
a guide (EPG) provides a clear overview of the programs on all available channels

What is IPTV?

IPTV brings together two worlds: IP technology and television. A revolutionary symbiosis between two very different specializations. At a time when there was only analog television, the concepts of IP and TV never met. Traditional television used a coaxial network for the transfer of analog TV signals. The limited resolution of analog television has motivated the search for a better alternative.

In the early 1990s, digital television entered the market. This digitization has led to the broadcast of TV signals over an Internet network, like any other digital data. The convergence of these two universes has set in motion unlimited interactivity and opened up possibilities that were inconceivable with analog television.

IPTV can be seen as a set of multimedia services, such as television, video, audio, data, … managed to meet the highest requirements in terms of service, interactivity, security and reliability .

IPTV offers a wide range of possibilities that require additional software to make them happen. This software is also called “middleware”. The middleware developed by Ant Systems is a user interface based on a browser. This middleware provides access to IPTV services via a PC or a set-top box with web browser. This software is fully customizable.

Ant Systems is proud of its “internally” developed and fully customizable middleware. This middleware provides access to various multimedia applications and interactive services such as live HD television, radio, camera / DVD, messaging, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), VOD / MOD (Video On Demand / Music On Demand), RSS,. .. In short: the possibilities are endless!